Bubble Wrap

we're starving to death and you left the food by the side of the road because it didn't taste any good?
professor? it wasn't even really food. i mean, what the hell is a watermelon anyway?
it seems that the only food that survived is that teflon coated crap. it could take weeks to find some more.
i know of a billboard advertising foob. we could start our search there
you fuck-tard! we can't eat a billboard!
whoa! sorry. forget i said anything. i'm just trying to help.
you're right,
i'm just so hungry.
where is this billboard?
up on chestnut street, out in front of the old foob warehouse.

maybe we could eat a billboard

by Dan

I love heist films but it did occur to me how strange it is that I root for the thieves to get away with their plans to break the law, but I get so angry when people litter.

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