Bubble Wrap

pfft, what would he know? i am the all powerful, all knowing laird of aweso-
...says the laird of awesomely tripping over stuff.
what the fu-
oh ho, i knew he wouldn't last a week.
typical loser, he just laid down and-
-went to sleep.
hey, you lazy, laying layabout! this is not a designated ninja training area.
*bottom burp*
*sniff* *sniff*
wait, that's-
look out cap'n, he's gonna blow!
the zoo keepers are stealing the cheese.

by Goatlord

If it's not Fairy Penguins it's cheese. When will enough be enough? These, so called, Zoo Keepers have had it too good for far too long. Let's burn down the Zoos and...
"Zoos" looks funny when it's typed.
Zoos zoos zoos.