Bubble Wrap

so yes, noah had his floods but it was a boring read and i never made it to the end. although, i'm told there was made mention an apocalypse.
in the lead up to our current predicament, we had an abundance of war, famine and pestilence. not to mention a whole metric goat-tonne of deception.
noah - flood - rebirth - renewal
pestilence - death - apocalypse - endofthe
i don't think the animals have been infected.
all of old lady snell's cats died.
that's because she died and no one fed them.
that's not technically true.
*sigh* no but after they were finished with her no one fed them and they died.

by Goatlord

I will love you 'till the end of days ... and then some.
The freezer is a remarkable contraption, don't you think?