Bubble Wrap

maybe andy did have the right idea. certainly no one would miss me and this really is no good way to live.
i wonder how far i'd get without my suit.
i'm not sure i like where you're going, robert.
what, this way?
you know what i mean.
yeah, i know what you mean. i don't really like it either but you've got to admit, we don't exactly have much quality of life.
maybe not but i think the point you're missing is that, in a world that's witnessed so much death in such a short period of time, we still have a life to live.
as the sole survivor of a single car crash asked, "why?"
perhaps humanity has been given another chance to get things right.
noah had the floods...
i'll never understand why that book wasn't kept in the fiction section.

by Goatlord

Life itself is a funny thing. Unlike beer which is just awesome. If you've a care to look one day, you'll find that, on the tree of awesomeness, beer is not that far removed from cheese. And cheese, as we all know...