Bubble Wrap

well, here we are. the end of the world.
,..and not a moment too soon.
wassup g?
i thought it'd be a lot longer before i started hearing voices.

by Dan

Welcome to the new Invisible spiders project 'BubbleWrap'. A tale about the end of the world.
It's taken over a year and a half of planning, coding and drawing but it's finally ready to go. Now all we have to do is get the writing working and we're golden.

I'll be plugging away again after a ludicrously long sabatical. Goatlord will be mixing in his own style of madness and Lliam Amor from Melbourne will be joining the team.
Also, as a point of interest, if you're reading this the day it comes out then you'll be priviledged to see both the lack of [previous comic] button alongside the refresh button. It only happens once.


November 2nd? This means I'm performing at the Brisbane Arts Theatre tonight, doing 'Touched by a Hammer'. Thor and Odin travelling small town America solving people's problems.