Bubble Wrap

so ... just passing through?
well, i have been traveling for a long time...
alrighty then! the day is still young, just think how much closer to your destination you could get before dark.
c'mon dude. i'm really sorry about before. i didn't mean to ... interrupt.
it's just that i was so excited to see another human being up and about.
there's your mistake.
*whirr* *click* *click*
i am a robot. how may i - destroy all humans!
that's not funny.
of course it is. why wouldn't it be?
it's a bit disrespectful don't you think?
who to, all the other robot impersonators around here? personally, i thought i was pretty good.
aha, i knew you weren't a robot!
...well done.

by Goatlord

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