Bubble Wrap

professor? c'mon. you don't need to leave.
i'm sorry fly, but i'm not hanging around with that psycho. i've got enough madness in my life living through the apocalypse. i don't need to entertain the delusions of an armed cultist.
but it's not just her arms professor! it's the legs and the boobies!!
you know she's going to tase you the moment that you try anything don't you?
nah g! ahm, fly!! the ladies love da fly.
those religious types. they're all celibate. they won't sleep with you until you're their husband.
aha ha
ha ha ha
aha ha
ha ha ha
seriously, if this is what you want, good luck but for god's sake wear a condom.
aha ha
ha ha ha
oh,.. sorry. you were being,..
,.. serious? yes! the last thing we need is more of you fly.

by Dan

Paid off the credit card, Got the backup computer working. All healed from the horrible head cold I had. All good things today. Only problem being that I need to work over the long weekend in order to catch up from the days I had off work, dangit.
I wish I got paid to do the comic. Ah well. Your eyeballs are thanks enough readers. Thank you.