Squatters!! OUT!!

written by Dan
After much patient diligence, I’ve finally managed to pick up the Lilley Street domain name again. Blasted cybersquatters moved in and snatched it from me, when I let the renewal lapse. It’s not that I wanted it, I was just frustrated when they took it from me. And now my shirts make sense again.

Shame I threw out all those Lilley Street business cards.

Genesis 2 is going quite well. I’m estimating that I’m about halfway through the information I want to convey. I’ve got to say that I’m feeling a little dis-heartened with my site at the moment. I started Genesis 2 because Douglas Adams always wanted to write a book on the subject but he died before he could. I decided that if no-one else was going to step up to the plate then I would.

Now it seems that Terry Prachett Terry Pratchett has filled that void with his recent ’Science of the Discworld’ book 3. I’m not sure what I plan to do once I finish. I’ve got some ideas written down but nothing that really claws at me.

Even FYMD is dragging me down, despite (or perhaps because) of it’s ease to create. I always feel like it’s a chore to write rather than a delight. I’m not quite sure what direction to take next, though it would be nice to experiment with some animation. Maybe a little flash.
posted at 6:03 am Monday June 27 2005