written by Dan
Down pointing Hitchhiker Thumb It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. Why is it that everyone else seems to love the new Hitchhiker’s film and I don’t? Am I simply too close to the source material? I really really wanted it to be ’not crap’. But the story was convoluted and there was so much stuff unresolved.

I’ve had days to ponder this now and I think I’ve come across the problem. The thing is, that Douglas Adams wrote a four hour movie. The movie guys said this was too long so he wrote a two hour movie by cutting stuff out. Then he added another hour of stuff.

So now he’s dead and there’s a three hour movie that makes sense. So it’s filmed and then edited down to a two hour movie. The film feels like every second page was thrown out which sucks. It feel like the Grebulans from ’Mostly Harmless’. They’re doing stuff in the film but they seem to have no motivation or reason to do so, and they’re just going through the motions because vital instructions have been left out.

I learned how to make tea from a Douglas Adams article and so, it was with great glee that I went to the Gold Class cinema (for the first time) where you can enjoy the drink of your choosing.

It appears, though, that the drink I ordered was not, in fact, tea. It was a "thin, pale, watery cup of tea that nobody in their right mind would want to drink". Created from the cup of tepid water and a tea bag that I was provided with.

Hitchhiker’s is comedic. It’s also a tragedy. It points out futility and shows you how people live with that. The people left to look after the film forget that and made it just a comedy, and that’s the greatest tragedy of all.
posted at 5:38 am Sunday May 01 2005